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All About Goat’s Cheese

While most cheeses in the world are made from cow’s milk, there are also a few other interesting varieties made from the milk of goats, sheep or even buffalo! In this article we would like to feature the cheeses made from goat’s milk and how they differ from “normal” cow milk varieties. What is goat…
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Our new online shop!

Our Mousetrap team is very proud to announce our new online shop! Start shopping here. Buying your cheeses and other foods from us is now even more convenient and simple. Starting with our most popular products we’ve launched our online shop with a great selection of delicious cheeses, cold meats and bacon, chicken, frozen chips…
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Cheese and Wine Pairing – How to create your own tasting experience

Cheese and wine is a beautiful combination and a celebration of two of the most delicious culinary delights. Of course in South Africa, and particularly the Western Cape, we have the option of simply visiting a wine estate and doing a classy cheese and wine tasting put together by the experts. But learning for yourself…
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The artisan cheese trend in South Africa

Just a few decades ago South Africans didn’t expect to find much more than basic cheddars and goudas in shops across the country, and having a slice of Brie with your glass of wine was about as sophisticated as it got for some people. However, in recent years the artisan cheese trend that is so…
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cheese tower wedding cakes

Cheese Tower Wedding “Cakes”

Traditional wedding cakes are not what every bridal couple wants, particularly if neither of them have a very sweet tooth and they’re looking for something different. Cheese towers have become very popular in recent years, offering a delicious savoury option that looks just as striking and interesting as an actual wedding cake. We supply a…
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