Company History


The Mousetrap was founded in 1994 and originally operated as a cheese shop. Later the business expanded to include distribution to the food services industry. Since being bought over by the Oosthuizen family in 2018, the company has grown significantly and two other businesses were incorporated to provide a wider range of products. However, our cheese products still remain the main focus, with a special emphasis on the artisan cheese assortment.

Our Team

The Mousetrap team is expertly trained and takes great pride in service delivery. Combined with our effective infrastructure this enables us to deliver top quality products with exceptional service to our customers at a reasonable price. Our company culture is one where we strive to be the best at what we do and to take our responsibilities seriously.


Hygiene and safety standards

Our facility adheres to very high standards for hygiene and safety. The Mousetrap facility has been certified to fulfill the requirements of GENESIS GMP (Gold status) by NSF Africa.